Fetty Wap was by far the break out rapper of 2015. Everyone was singing “Trap Queen” at one point or another and the rap star just keeps putting out bangers. For fans wanting more of Fetty, here’s a look at the top six outrageous interview quotes he has given us so far.

Number Six: Fetty Wap On Getting Interviewed

Fetty isn’t the biggest fans of interviews, which was evident when he told Spin“I’m not really like, an explaining type of guy.” He prefers to let his work speak for him, but he gets that interviews are a part of the process now. Even though he’s not necessarily the “explaining type of guy,” he seems to speak eloquently and honestly which is appreciated.

Number Five: On The Meaning Of A Trap Queen

“Everybody doesn’t have the same trap queen. Everyone can have their own trap queen. There is the way I use it in the song, but my mom is a trap queen. She held us down and she was a queen at doing it. She took care of her children and her tribe, made sure we had food on the table, and kept our heads up.”

Trap queen doesn’t have just one definition. It can mean a bunch of different things, like how Fetty’s Mom was his trap queen for a while.

Number Four: On What He’s Afraid Of

Fetty Wap only seems to fear two individuals: God and his mother. He has said, “I’m not scared of anything. Like, God, that’s it. I’m scared of God and my mom.” Two pretty solid fears if you ask me.

Number Three: On His Employment History

“Real talk, my first check was from FedEx. I worked there for two days. … It just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t take people telling me what to do and shit. My next job after that was Popeyes for a week. And that’s only because I was eating it [laughs]. I was right back in the trap after a week. But I knew I wasn’t meant for any of those jobs or the trap.”

How wild would it be if a few years ago the FedEx guy who delivered your package was actually Fetty Wap?! Well, believe it because he did hold the position down for a full two days. He might have even been the Popeyes employee taking your order, since that was his next job. I guess you’ll just never know.

Number Two: On What Inspired Him To Make Music

“I didn’t listen to music that much when I was young. It wasn’t until I found out about Gucci Mane. That was really when I got into music.”

Who would’ve thought that Gucci Mane was the reason behind Fetty Wap getting into the rap and music scene? Apparently, that is exactly the person we can thank for inspiring tracks like “Trap Queen” and “679.”

Number One: On Where He Would’ve Been If He Hadn’t Made It

“I don’t even want to think about that. Word up. This was the only thing that was going to work. This is what had to happen. This was the only way out. If it hadn’t, then I don’t know.”

IF Fetty’s rag to riches story alone doesn’t inspire, this quote should. Making it was the only option for him and he made it so it would happen. If he can make his lucrative rap career happen, then you can definitely chase your dreams too.

Fetty Wap may be somewhat new to the rap scene, but he’s amassed a strong fan base in a very short time period. Here’s to hoping 2016 will give us many more Fetty interview quotes and songs to wild out to.