Fetty Wap was all anyone could talk about towards the end of 2015. With his hit “Trap Queen” being played on every radio station almost everywhere, it was hard to escape the talented rapper during his breakout year. However, Fetty has released several other bangers with some pretty dope lyrics. Here’s a look at the top six greatest song lyrics of all time from our boy Fetty Wap.

Number Six: Fetty Wap’s Best Lyrics From 679

Who doesn’t love the intro to one of Fetty’s most popular song? It starts out with some of his most infamous lyrics: “Baby girl, you’re so damn fine though/ I’m tryna know if I could hit it from behind though.” This song got him some major airtime play and it’s not hard to see why. The whole song is so catchy that you can’t help but sing along, and pretend that you’re a member of the now infamous Remy Boyz.

Number Five: On Haters

Fetty is not immune to haters, but one of his best lyrics showcases how he really feels about all those negative haters when he raps in “Trap Queen:” “Everybody hating, we just call them fans though.” Leave it to Fetty to turn haters into fans. After all, if they’re hating on you then they listen to your music and know who you are, so really Fetty comes out on top regardless.

Number Four: From My Way

Another one of Fetty’s bangers features a pretty dope diss lyric for the ex of the girl he’s trying to get to come his way. Fetty Wap raps, “How dare that n**** run his mouth when his pockets in a drought/ The last single he put out didn’t even make it out.” Nothing is worse than being a rapper trying to make it and getting dissed by a rapper who has actually made it.

Number Three: From Jimmy Choo

Who doesn’t love a song that revolves solely around some of the most expensive and luxurious shoes around? Fetty also gets romantic on this track when he raps, “I swear that she works it, I swear she so perfect/ She makes me so nervous, the way that she works it.” Fetty might not be the greatest lyricist ever, but these lines get points for being romantic and happen to fit perfectly in the verse. Plus, whoever is making Fetty nervous must be one lucky, good-looking woman.

Number Two: From Trap Luv

Fetty knows a thing or two about trapping and he sings about his love for the profession in “Trap Luv.” One of the best parts of the song is when he raps, “You know she trying to trill me, baby/ You know she gotta feel me, baby/ I might go cop me a ‘Rari/ I’m life of the party.” Ok, so maybe he rhymes “baby” with “baby,” but this was also the first time most of us were introduced to “‘Rari” as slang for Ferrari and we were never really the same.

Number One: From Trap Queen

Fetty Wap’s most popular song, “Trap Queen,” blessed us with some of his greatest lyrics ever. By far the best and most quoted lyric from this song is the opener, “I’m like, “Hey, wassup, hello.” Never has a greeting been so repetitive or incredible before Fetty. It’s arguably most fans favorite Fetty lyric and it’s also become great opener for starting convos with matches on dating apps.

Thankfully, Fetty Wap looks like he is here to stay. With some of the greatest lyrics of 2015 behind him, here’s looking forward to what other lyrical prowess he impresses us with next in 2016.