Fred King / PPcorn
Fred King / PPcorn

South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord are quite eccentric as musicians. Because of this, much of their persona and lives have been shrouded in mystery. Well, we’re here to uncover all of that! Below, we present 15 facts you probably didn’t know about Die Antwoord.

Number Fifteen: They Believe in the Concept of Zef

According to Yo-Landi Vi$$er, Die Antwoord promotes the concept of zef, which is to say that they are the underdog. It has been described as “apocalyptic debris,” and Ninja has said that “You’ll get a kid in Liberia wearing a Tupac T-shirt, and for us that’s zef.”

Number Fourteen: Yo-Landi Doesn’t Go to a Fancy Salon to Get Her Hair Done

Rather than go to a salon and trust someone to mimic her iconic bangs and style, Yo-Landi looks to bandmate Ninja to cut her hair. We bet that has saved her some money!

Number Thirteen: Die Antwoord Are Not Very Easily Impressed

In an interview, Ninja admitted that there are no musicians alive today that he admires. When asked if he admires Lady Gaga, he said, “She doesn’t impress me at all. She has a strong visual thing that kinda works, but her music’s like some washed-up wannabe Madonna.”

Number Twelve: They Hit the Big Screen

Ninja of Die Antwoord was recently featured in this year’s Chappie, which also featured Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman. Apparently, Ninja was a nightmare to work with, and there are even allegations that he sent lewd photos to a female crew member and hit someone on set.

Number Eleven: Yo-Landi Has a Soft Side

Though based on looks alone, Yo-Landi’s hair and appearance can be quite drastic and intimidating, she has said that she actually has a soft side. She said that she was a “little punk” growing up, but then she went on to say, “Which is weird, because actually I am quite soft and caring.”

Number Ten: Yo-Landi Also Went to Boarding School

The Die Antwoord frontwoman was sent to boarding school when she was just 16 years old. The school was nine hours away from her family’s home, and it was there that she was truly able to develop her creative spirit.

Number Nine: She Has Never Met Her Birth Parents

The only thing Yo-Landi really knows is that her mother is white. However, a portrait artist recently theorized that Yo-Landi’s father may be African, based on her facial structure.

Number Eight: Ninja Grew Up Rapping

Ninja grew up in the Johannesburg region of South Africa, and in his childhood, he often went to black nightclubs to try and learn how to rap. It was because of this that he has the musical prowess he does today.

Number Seven: No, Ninja and Yo-Landi Are Not an Item

Though Yo-Landi is the mother to Ninja’s child, they are no longer romantically involved. However, they have said in an interview that people constantly assume they are an item. Ninja is actually married to someone else.

Number Six: They Have a Musical Daughter

Speaking of their daughter together, her named is Sixteen Jones. She is in a band with the daughter of Flea, and their band is called The Boy With the Rainbow Face. Unlike her crass parents, Sixteen apparently hates all foul language and is trying to be the opposite of her parents.

Number Five: Yo-Landi Turned Down a Major Movie Role

In 2010, director David Fincher got in touch with Yo-Landi because he wanted her to play the lead in his movie, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. However, she declined.

Number Four: They Also Said No to Lady Gaga

After Die Antwoord left Interscope Records and made their own label, Zef Recordz, they got an offer from Lady Gaga to open for her on her South African portion of her tour. However, they said no.

Number Three: They Have Thought About Changing Their Name

Because the center of Die Antwoord is the concept of zef, they have thought about changing the name of their band to Zef as well. According to Ninja, “I mean, [the name Die Antwoord] is cool because it sounds hard and German and has this cool meaning that is like the essence for us. ‘The answer.’ I have a tenderness for it. But Zef is just, like, easy.”

Number Two: Ninja Has Gone by Many Names

Though Ninja has been Ninja for quite some time now, he has gone by many other names. Just a few of these names include The Man Who Never Came Back, MC Totally Rad, Yang Weapon, and Constructus Corporation.

Number One: They Are True to Themselves

More than almost any other mainstream (if you can even say that about them) outfit, Die Antwoord have always been utterly “themselves.” And that’s what makes their personas so appealing, their draw so magical, and their following so  cult-like. Keep doing you, Yo-Landi and Ninja!