Kanye West is either stark raving mad or an evil genius, depending on who you ask. In the last seven days, he has broken his two-year twitter hiatus, declared his loyalty to Donald Trump, declared himself bigger than Apple and also claimed to be this generation’s Walt Disney. Politics aside, what does Kanye’s current musical output say about his robust claims to eternal glory?

If we start with his most recent music, we don’t need to look for. Kanye tweeted more than 100 times and made sure the eyes of the world were on him and then dropped a couple of new singles. First is the song “Lift Yourself.” Second is a song called “Ye vs. the People” that features rapper T.I. This is part of a larger plan to release new music with ASAP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott. He’s also working on a solo album on June 1, and a record with Kid Cudi on June 8. None or all of these albums may wind up being released in June.

So what do these new songs sound like? “Life Yourself” is meant to be a kind of diss-track against radio host Ebro Darden, who questioned Kanye’s support of Donald Trump and his caping for conservative pundit Candace His brilliant catchphrase for the song is – get this — “Poop-di-scoopty.”

Poopy does adequately describe the song, which sounds like it ought to be the new jingle for the hottest new cat litter scoop on the market: Ye-Zee Does It.

The other song is very much like “Accidental Racist,” except for now that racist seems to be Kanye himself. (Questlove, who was recently photographed wearing a shirt that said “Kanye West Doesn’t Care About Black People,” certainly thought so.)

T.I. was enlisted to help explain why Kanye’s tweets were revolutionary. By being best bros with Trump, Kanye described himself as “the first Blood to shake the Crip’s hand.”

He also explains how he improved upon the Trump phrase “Make America Great Again”: “I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction / Added empathy, care, and love and affection.” We aren’t sure who got empathy, care, love and affection from Kanye, other than Donald Trump himself.

Kanye also tweeted that he intended to let go of his anger about his mother’s premature death by putting her plastic surgeon’s face on the cover of his new album. Does this sound like a person who is revolutionizing empathy? Let alone music?

These songs are full of plenty of poop, but out of sheer curiosity will probably soar the charts without being actually popular. It’s a sad result for a music genius who once turned the industry on its head. The strategy of drawing negative attention and then profiting from it was pioneered (in the modern age anyway) by the Kardashians. Sure enough, Kris Kardashian quickly jumped on twitter to further fan the flames. But Kim has sent out a few nervous tweets explaining her husband’s conduct and defending him. Perhaps she’s not so certain that enough MAGA folks will be willing to shell out money for makeup, perfume, and songs that are literally about… crap.

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